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Financing Trade and International Supply Chains: Commerce Across Borders, Finance Across Frontiers

By Alexander R. Malaket, CITP

International trade remains a key driver of economic growth, value-creation and international development. The majority of cross-border merchandise trade depends on financing and risk mitigation, core propositions in trade finance and supply chain finance. “Financing Trade and International Supply Chains” aims to take the mystery and complexity out of an esoteric branch of finance that enables trillions in cross-border commercial activity.


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“The environment around international trade and trade finance has changed considerably in the years I have known Alexander Malaket. While banks have dedicated departments to meet the many requirements related to trade and supply chain finance, they also need to rely on external specialists, of which Alexander is one of the most knowledgeable representatives. This book is another evidence of his ability to stay on top of all the major market developments.

It is valuable for both newcomers as well as experienced staff working in the arena of international trading. For newcomers it shows the many rules and customs that come with international trading and gives advice; for those who are more experienced it gives information on the latest developments in regard to international supply chains. In my opinion, this book benefits all those working in this field, as well as those who look for more information on the topics involved in this playing field.”

Johan Bergamin, Director, Trade and Commodity Finance,
ING Bank, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“Malaket offers an insightful compendium of facts, figures, practices and case studies that show the reader how the world's trade finance architecture actually works. His portrayal is thematic, and grounded in theory, but he somehow manages to bring that theory to life. He also captures the evolutionary nature of the system - the fact that we are watching a movie, not examining a snapshot, comes through loud and clear. This book will be required reading for beginners and veterans alike.”

Stephen S. Poloz, Governor of the Bank of Canada, Ottawa, Canada
(Formerly President and CEO, Export Development Canada)

“I wish I had a copy of this publication 29 years ago when I commenced my career as it would have provided both an excellent overview and a more in-depth treatment of the trade finance world...”

Maninder Bhandari, Founder, Partner and Managing Director
The Encore Group and The Derby Group, Dubai, UAE

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Copyright © 2011-2019 Opus Advisory Services International Inc.