Trade Finance/
Supply Chain Finance

OPUS Advisory can:

  • Advise Banking and Financial Sector Clients on all aspects of Trade Finance
  • Work with Export Credit Agencies, International Financial Institutions and others on Program Reviews, Product Development and Policy Issues
  • Policy and Programming Related to Trade Financing
  • Advocacy on Capital, Compliance and Regulatory Aspects of Trade Finance
  • Access to Trade Finance for SMEs and Developing Markets
  • Consult on Sources of Trade and Supply Chain Finance

OPUS Advisory has unique expertise and experience in the financing of international commerce, from traditional trade finance mechanisms and structures to Supply Chain Finance.

Trade financing, which covers secure and timely payment, risk mitigation and financing, is critical to the conduct of international trade, and can involve solutions like Documentary Letters of Credit aimed at bilateral trading relationships, or variations of Supply Chain Finance, which can facilitate the financing of complex supply chains, including large communities of suppliers.

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Opus Advisory Services International Inc.

Copyright © 2011-2017 Opus Advisory Services International Inc.