Speaking Engagements

Alexander Malaket is a frequent and sought-after speaker, panel chair and moderator, at world-class events around the world. Speaking engagements include moderating panels of senior executives, policymakers or industry experts, facilitating a private panel discussions or market insight sessions for clients on a range of strategic topics, or leading training seminars on a variety of topics around international business, Alexander is recognized as an effective and engaging speaker on a variety of topics.

Alexander has been invited to:

  • Deliver presentations and speeches and moderate panels for SWIFT, both at regional events and at the world-class banking and financial services conference called Sibos at the annual conference in Amsterdam, Dubai, Osaka, and Geneva
  • Chair, moderate or speak at events for the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Banking Commission and for the ICC Academy in Singapore
  • Speak or moderate panels for industry press at various public events
  • Moderate private roundtables and discussions for global financial institutions and their staff or clients
  • Provide view on industry trends and market developments to a variety of audiences around the world
  • Present market insight and observations to leading industry bodies and professional associations
  • Develop and deliver seminars and training programs in partnership with training program providers, or directly, in markets from London to Hong Kong, Taipei, Dubai and numerous others
  • Lead intensive training sessions for the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service at the Foreign Service Institute in Ottawa
  • Present or speak at events at the United Nations in Geneva, the World Trade Organization, the Asian Development Bank and the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia Pacific in Beijing and Macau

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Opus Advisory Services International Inc.

Copyright © 2011-2019 Opus Advisory Services International Inc.